What Exactly Is A Cemetery?

When people think of cemeteries they automatically think of the most scariest place on earth. Sure it may feel ghostly to some but for others, it can be a place to feel closest to those who've passed.

A cemetery is the place where the dead are buried or interred — a “final resting place” for the deceased. In the past, people were buried on family property, in church yards, or in community cemeteries but that may be a bit too close for comfort.

A typical cemetery:

  • Offers caskets (we don't)

  • Outer burial containers (Urns)

  • Grave markers

  • Monuments

  • Holds services in their chapel or at graveside

  • Opens and closes the grave

  • Installs the grave marker

Cemeteries, with their natural beauty, are where survivors can return over time to remember and honor their loved ones. The grounds may be adorned with sculptures, memorials and other decorative elements. Besides these features, cemeteries also differ in the basic elements such as the quality of their roadways, irrigation and landscape maintenance.

Some cemeteries have ample space to accommodate new interments for many years to come. Others are nearly full. Constructing new mausoleums and lawn crypts are ways to accommodate additional interments. However, these are expensive to build and may not be viable options for some. Therefore, if you are looking for multiple sites for family members, ask about availability of space in the future or pre-purchase your cemetery property.

What are your thoughts on the idea of a cemetery?

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