Genealogy & Family History

Keep your family tree alive and healthy for future generations by sharing details and stories about deceased family members.

Family History

When you go, what items or memories do you leave behind so that one day, way in a time ahead of you, those will look back and get a heartfelt moment looking and thinking of their great great grandparent (you) and feel an instant cosmic connection. Look to leave something meaningful behind starting now, go down the line. Here's a starting point:

Write out a list of the following members in your family in a journal, and in a safe place your family will find :

Relation To Person: Maternal Grandmother | Maternal Grandfather | Paternal Grandmother | Paternal Grandfather | Mother | Father |Other (Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc…)

For each person include the following info:

  • Name

  • Birthday

  • Favorite

  • Memories

  • Lasting Impressions

  • Other Thoughts You May Have

Now look to gather:

Old/Antique Photos

It's been disregarded in an age all consumed within a digital era, but we need to start going back to the time where printing your photos was the only way to retain memories.

Even though we live in a world of digital photos, every family still has these rare items. Make sure they aren’t lost or forgotten. Plus, imagine how cool it would be for someone in your family three generations from now to know it’s their great-great-great grandma and grandpa in that wedding photo they find in an old album.

For each photo include the location and who’s in the photos. You can also include a Post-it on the back, or make digital scans of the photos and include pertinent info either in the title (Grandmom-Sally-Nord-Ohio-1945.jpg)

Family Recipes

Make sure generations can enjoy these delicious meals and treats for years to come. Here’s the info you should include:

  • Name of Recipe

  • List of Ingredients

  • Cooking Instructions

  • Additional Instructions & Tips

Favorite Charities

Include all the charities and causes that have meant the most to you throughout your life, and where you’d want donations to go in your name after you pass:

  • Name of Charity

  • Website or Phone Number

  • Notes & Instructions (example: In lieu of flowers, have everyone donate to this cause)


Would you like a tree planted in your name? An annual bike-a-thon? Your name on a brick in front of your favorite team’s stadium? Well then, let your family know!

Write Legacy Letters To Your Family & Friends

Sometimes, there’s nothing more intimidating than a blank piece of paper. Where do you start? What do you write? Will this even get to the right person? Fear not! Your legacy is safe as long as you follow these steps, organize your thoughts, and take your time.

Letter To Everyone

Is there anything you’ve always wanted to share with the world? This isn’t the same as writing your own obituary. This is an informal way to share your thoughts, experiences, special stories, or anything you have in your heart and soul that you want other people to know. This shouldn’t be written to one specific person (we’ll get to that later). It should be something you’d be willing to share with strangers who never met you before. Here are some tips:

Stay focused.

If you had to encapsulate your life in 500 words, what would you say? Do you want to inspire people to live their lives? Thank people for showing you kindness during difficult times? Make a few jokes so people remember y