7 Tips To Planning Ahead Your New Years Resolutions

Every year, we say it but do we really do it?

It's almost 2019 and the days feel as if they've gotten shorter and shorter and yet the nights shine brighter and brighter with hopes of blessings to follow another day. As the year comes to a close, ask yourself, "what can I better prepare myself for in 2019?" Try the following steps for a jump-start to taking on your new years resolutions.

1. Think Ahead.

Not only do we recommend planning out your final wishes but this tip goes with pretty much everything in life that truly matters. Get out a piece of paper or if your digital savvy, open up Microsoft Word and start writing. Realistically, what are your goals for next year? How will you achieve them? After pondering that for a while, be sure to hang what you wrote in a place that you'll always be able to remind yourself of what you intend to pursue for the year, no matter how far fetched, anything is possible with a little determination.

2. Be Prolific.

Your goals don't have to be your typical ones most seek out, like losing weight, or not smoking or drinking anymore, all really great goals, but those are more so internal battles. But maybe you try something outside of the box a bit. Each weekend, instead of going out maybe you spend more time with your family. Or for the next year, for every $50 you were going to spend probably going out, put it aside to secure your families resting place. Why not get your whole family on board with the same year end goal.

3. Mind Over Matter.

Turn off that little voice inside your head telling you that you can't do it. Because you can. Peace of mind is a sweet and delightful treat.

4. Find Yourself A Sidekick.

If Batman had no Robin, let's face it, Batman most definitely could handle his own, but then, who would Batman high-five after a kick-a$$ street battle in Gotham? Exactly. Find someone who you can celebrate your successes with.

5. Try Not To Over Do It.

Look, you won't be able to do them all, right? If you do, congratulations you're one of the few! However if you don't achieve them all, be thankful that you lived another day to achieve any at all. Life is severely cruel and we have to just be thankful for everyday we're granted.

6. Think Domino Effect.

When figuring out what you would like to achieve for the upcoming year, think way into the future. Are you going on a "Couple's Trip" next September? Well sure, you have "a ton of time to get into shape," but we all tend to say that everyday until, well, the trip is here and you're screwed. This is where the Domino Effect comes to mind. Getting in shape--sounds great, right? You'll look good, feel good, and you'll know that you achieved your goal. Well there's another bonus...think about how happy you'll be on your vacation when you're confident with yourself and proud that you set your goals and actually stuck with them. Keep this Domino Effect in mind when you make your resolutions. A goal with multiple benefits is most likely going to be more successful in the end.

7. Give Yourself A Reward.

Reward yourself. Just because your goal is to "eat healthier," doesn't mean you can't have an ice cream cone every now and then. Make a habit of rewarding yourself whenever you meet one of your goals. Have you gone an entire month without spending any money on unnecessary expenditures? Maybe give yourself a break and buy yourself something useless just so you can better see it's not worth spending on. Just don't overdo this one; Self control is key here.

What will your New Year's Resolution be? Login and leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear them! If it is to secure you and your families final wishes, by all means, reach out! We're here to make the process an easy one, simply make your pre-plan deposit online for an instant look into all the options we have available for you to put your deposit towards, from there we'll reach out to confirm a convenient time with you in person for a more in-depth conversation of what you envision.

For now, we wish you all a Happy New Year and may all your endeavors be successful!

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