21 Items to Decide on and Arrange

There are several items to consider, both for pre-need and pre-planning.

We've put together a list of 21 items one should start planning or will have to plan immediately upon the sudden death of a love done. We hope this guide will come in handy for whenever it will be needed.

  1. Select a funeral director*

  2. Select a cemetery

  3. Purchase burial property

  4. Select the casket*

  5. Select the vault*

  6. Select the Memorial

  7. Decide location of service

  8. Select clergy or person you want to officiate

  9. Provide information for eulogy

  10. Select flowers

  11. Arrange for music and visitation

  12. Arrange type of service (military, etc.)

  13. Provide obituary to newspaper

  14. Answer calls, messages and letters

  15. Get addresses for thank you cards

  16. Meet funeral director

  17. Check and sign burial permit

  18. Arrange for special memorial service

  19. Check the will for special wishes

  20. Order the death certificate

  21. Look after house, children and pets

*These items can be pre-planned in advance at Guam Windward Memorial

Have you thought about pre-planning the above items for yourself and/or your loved ones? Yes it is tough to think of and we understand, but for most who can look past the taboo of it all, will find that pre-planning can only bring peace of mind to those you love. Find the beauty in death and secure a place where your future loved ones can come and feel that much closer to you when you pass. Book online to meet with our one of our pre-need specialists today.