10 Individuals to Notify Immediately

Upon the sudden death of a loved one, who would you have to notify of their passing?

It's a tough thing to have to do of course, but something to consider should anything happen in a moment's notice. Here is a quick list of 10 individuals you should notify immediately:

  1. The Doctor or Doctors

  2. The Funeral Director

  3. The Cemetery

  4. Relatives

  5. Friends

  6. The Deceased's employer

  7. Employers of relatives missing work

  8. Insurance agents (life, health, etc.)

  9. Attorney and Accountant

  10. Clergy and House of Worship

The way to notify each is completely up to you whether its via an email, a letter, or even a social media post which nowadays seems how everything gets done, but no matter what way you choose, be sure that you assign someone in your immediate family to do the due diligence on behalf of the deceased and notify at least the 10 above, should they apply.

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