Uniquely designed niches within our lush gardens

Cremation is a relatively new option for the memorialization of loved ones. However, it has quickly grown in popularity. It is a small and convenient way to remember loved ones.


While niches are often placed in dedicated structures as shown to the left, Guam Windward Memorial was created to give you a number of varied beautiful options of niches.


The Divinity Circle, the Celestial Garden, and the Stellar Circle were designed to integrate niches into the architecture. Just like how a garden is dull without its flora and fauna, Guam Windward Memorial would be dull without its niches.

For a more in-depth look at our niches, we encourage you to book your personal 1-on-1 consult to take a look at all options at each of our distinct locations: Divinity CircleCelestial Garden, and Stellar Circle.